Friday, May 12, 2006

The evening constitutional walk

Now that Buddy has joined the family, I'm walking around my neighborhood a lot these days. I used to like to take long walks here years ago but life seemed to get in the way of that lately. Its good to get to stretch my legs again every evening, weather permitting.

Kew Gardens is filled with beautiful old homes. The neighborhood was founded as a planned community about one hundred-twenty years ago by a wealthy NY lawyer who wanted a country style atmosphere to live in. The idea was to recreate the English garden suburb here in the USA. That way, people could still be close to their jobs without being shoehorned into cramped urban housing. This is a small sample of the sort of houses you see around here. Some date from the ninteenth century and I believe that none are much newer than the twenties. The odds that I will ever be able to afford one of these beauties is close to zero but its still nice to admire them.

Pretty nice for New York City, I think.

Well, time to get home now.

Not quite the palace that the others are but I love the old place just the same.


Blogger Wendi said...

I love the houses in the fourth, fifth, and sixth pictures, especially the sixth. It looks so homey.

Great post it made me smile on this gloomy day :-)

2:45 PM  

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