Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Just got back from our vacation in Colonial Williamsburg

The Water Country USA parking rip-off gate ($15!!)

Our two-bedroom timeshare

No pics of Williamsburg yet. Lots of fun there though. Definitely worth going to. Kids enjoyed it and, unlike most theme parks, they actually learned something in the process. The town is really well done and the folks who work there look very authentic in there period dress. The re-enactments of Benedict Arnold's speech to the captured city of Williamsburg and later George Washington's visit just before the battle of Yorktown were very well done indeed. We stayed in my brother-in-law's timeshare at Fairfield Kingsgate (very nice too, pic above), a 2 bedroom condo with a kitchen and laundry facilities. The clubhouse had indoor/outdoor pools, tennis, a restaurant, a gameroom and free wifi!! We also visited Water Country USA. Also a fun experience, especially in the heat. One gripe there, charging for parking for a place that cannot be reached without a car sucks. Include the parking in the ticket price. It would get rid of the huge line of cars at the door and annoy people a bit less.


Blogger Wendi said...

Parking charges suck!!!!!! They charge $10 to park at Six Flags NE and then charge another $40 per person park admission! Still not as bad as Seseme Place though, where we had to pay $15 to park and then had to pay $38 per person inclucing my 3yr old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will tell you though this summer we went to Storyland in NH, parking was free and it was ONLY $22 admission and both my little ones were FREE!!!! Not to mention they STILL only charge $1 for a bottle of water and $.90 for a bag of popcorn!!! It was GREAT!!!

Oh by the way Williamsburg is beautiful, we went a few yrs ago.

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