Thursday, August 17, 2006

New toy :)

I gave the Ipaq to my wife's nephew. I just couldn't re-adjust to carrying a phone and a pda again. The solution, this Audiovox PPC4100. A Microsoft Pocket PC Smartphone. Very cool machine. Goes online via WIFI (which is surprisingly available throughout NYC) has Windows Media Player and a terrific screen. It addresses my big complaint with the Treo. To use the Internet, you had to pay big $$ to the phone company for a wireless data plan. WIFI is a more hit or miss method of conecting to the web but the price is right, so to speak. Bryant Park in NYC offers free WIFI access, many NYC public libraries do to. My Mac has a built-in WIFI transmitter for use around the house and a surprisingly large number of unofficial open hotspots are all over the place. In a pinch, Starbucks offers wireless access too, albeit for a price. The phone works nicely too. My wife is now using my old Treo as hers was dying. My only complaint with this Audiovox is that it doesn't have a camera. Not that the Treo's camera was very good but it was nice to have. I may have to rename this blog if I stick with this machine. We'll see.


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