Wednesday, January 31, 2007

An official visitor

President Bush arrives at the Manhattan Heliport aboard Marine One. Security looked pretty much impenetrable. I think he is here to address the deteriorating health of many 9/11 rescuers. An awful lot of respiratory problems have been reported among those who took part in both the search and rescue operations, and the cleanup, in the aftermath of the attacks. Amazing how the damage from that day continues.

Update-Turns out he was here to give a speech in the New York Stock Exchange about income inequality. Seems he criticised Wall Street for it's (admittedly outrageous) pay scales and bonuses. Kinda surprising to hear this coming from Bush. I have mixed feelings on this subject. Yes, these guys make a staggering amount of money. However, do we really want the government dictating how much someone earns? I think some sort of middle ground has to be found here. The people of this country will only support free markets and trade if they think that they gain by doing so. Those people in leadership positions in our economy owe it to themselves to make sure that the economy as a whole does share in the wealth.


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