Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ever feel like you just can't keep up...

I know that officially inflation is supposed to be low but it seems to
me that prices are rising quite a bit lately. We don't live richly by
any means and despite being pretty careful with our money, lately its
like there is never enough. Groceries have definitely gotten more costly
and electricity prices are up as well. Gas is not as expensive as it was
at the height of the summer but its still up there too. Its a bit scary
when I allow myself to stop and think about this sort of thing. For the
first time in a long while, I really feel like my income just isn't
keeping up with rising costs. Not a good feeling :(
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Blogger Wendi said...

I think my husband has said the exact same thing over the past couple of months.

I know for a fact that the price of groceries have gone WAY up!! I can't leave the grocery store without spending at least $100 each time.... and thats two or three times a week!!!!!!!!

I can assume things are pricier in NY than some othere states.

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