Friday, August 17, 2007

Had a really fine time in D.C.

The US Holocaust Museum-a must see. Grim but amazingly well done. They don't pull any punches here.

Jordan standing next to the tour bus

The Washington Nationals at RFK Stadium. This is a very old stadium that is being replaced by a new one scheduled to open next year. At the time of this game, there were only 21 more scheduled games to be played here before the old place is decommissioned.

The Starship Enterprise-the original model from the show, on display at the Smithsonian

One of the Lunar Landers from the old Apollo space program

SpaceShipOne, the first private space ship and winner of the Ansari X Prize with the Bell X-1 behind it to the right (the first plane to exceed the speed of sound)

ICBMs in the Smithsonian

Inside the Smithsonian Air/Space Museum-A DC3 along with other old planes from the 20's & 30's

The Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier-Arlington National Cemetery

The Amphitheatre at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Outside of Arlington National Cemetery

The Washington Monument-learned an interesting detail about this one. The color of the stone changes about a third of the way up. That's because the original builder went bust and the monumnet sat unfinished for twenty years. When construction re-started, the original stone was unavailable and a similar colored stone had to be found.

This was one of those vacation trips that I really recommend for anyone. There is a lot to see in Washington. I suggest taking one of the hop-on hop-off bus tours. The operators really know the history of the city and have lots of interesting tidbits to tell. Furthermore, the bus saves you the trouble of fighting traffic and parking.

The Smithsonian is a huge museum, expect to spend several days going through it. Admission is free incidentally. We spent a lot of time in the Air & Space Museum but there are a number of other big buildings including a museum of natural history (we went there too, great dinosaur exhibits), a museum of native Americans and an art museum to name a few.


Blogger Wendi said...

My oldest daughter Courtney went to DC with her middle school 5years ago. She was there during Reagans funeral. She was able to see the prosession going down the street and all. I kept calling her to make sure she was taking it all in.

I went to DC when I was 18yrs old.... geesh that was a long long long time ago :-)

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