Saturday, July 05, 2008

This is starting to bite deep.

Just shelled out $4.39/gallon. Between that and at least $125/week on groceries, it's getting hard to get through a weekend on less than $200. For the life of me, I feel like I'm buying a new TV every 2 weeks. Just getting the basics never seemed this expensive. Anyone who says inflation is low is living in a fantasy. Prices are rising alarmingly.

My wife and I make what most folks would consider a pretty good living. Even so, This economy of ours is worrying me now. No, I'm not in danger of losing my home or job (God willing) but I am starting to look at some of the things in my life and ask what can I live without. Cable TV, Internet access, cellphones, vacations-that's all on the table now. Not the best set of choices to be faced with but, of course, it could be much worse. I have a bad feeling it will be too.


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