Saturday, September 06, 2008

It's working :)

Started out at 212 lbs. Now down to 188 after 3 months. I do 40 situps every morning, a minimum of 15 miles on the bike and no snacking. I highly recommend a recumbent exercise bike for anyone looking to get into shape. Mine is an inexpensive model from Lifegear. The beauty of this design is that you sit in a reclining seat while pedaling. Put it in front of your TV and ride through your favorite shows. You'll be amazed at how far you go without getting bored. If you have a smartphone or pda, surfing the web while riding is fun too. I am actually writing this on my Treo in the middle of a ten mile run.

The Lifegear bike I am using is affordable and very quiet. I believe that it uses magnets near the wheel to create resistance so there is no rubbing noise like other bikes. The bike also has a digital display that records distance traveled, calories burned, speed and elapsed time. Good stuff.


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