Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I'm having trouble getting past Obama's association with radicals. Those odd friendships of his raise questions about the man's ethics. William Ayers, Mr. Obama's friend from the old Weather Underground, tried to murder hundreds of people. That is not a matter of opinion nor is it subject to debate. He did what he did. Mr. Ayers is also completely unrepentant about his actions. If anything, he seems to feel that he should have tried to kill more people. Similarly, Mr. Obama spent 20 years listening to Jeremiah Wright's rantings about race, bigotry and anti-Semitism. Until it became a public issue in his campaign, Barack Obama apparently had no problem with this. I cannot accept Mr. Obama's willingness to associate with men like Ayers and Wright. This is not the behavior of a well meaning moderate. No truely moderate person would tolerate radicals such as these. That Mr. Obama was so willing to do so casts serious doubt on his character.

If no one ever reads this, that's fine. I just needed to say it out loud, so to speak.


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