Wednesday, July 01, 2009

More on the 5800-pictured in a Nokia 5800 case

I can play Doom on this phone. Good stuff.

With that thought in mind, there does seem to be a fair amount of third party software available for s60 ver. 5. I don't think I will miss Windows Mobile all that much.

Incidentally, the case seen above is a Nokia branded model for this phone. Oddly, the NYC Nokia store didn't have it but RCS on Madison did. The case generally fits well except that the flap does not lie flat when closed by the velcro. The leather is quite soft however and I expect that it will eventually flatten out.

This case has the advantage of protecting the 5800's touch screen, a concern of mine. When used, the flap can be folded over the back to get it out of the way. The one issue I have with this case is the lack of a belt clip. There is a cut-out to allow both the stock lanyard and a beefier model included with the case to be used though. That being said, the 5800 is so slim and light that, even in the case, it is still pocketable. I'm pretty happy with this combo overall.


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