Friday, December 04, 2009

Otter Box Defender for Iphone

This case is, without a doubt, the most rugged I have seen for the Iphone. It is not waterproof but, aside from that, there isn't much it can't take. My Iphone fell into the street a few weeks back. Thanks to this case, no damage at all. Even the case was unharmed. The Otterbox consists of a hard plastic exoskeleton (that includes a built-in transparent screen protector) and a soft rubber cover that goes over the hard case part. Ports and switches are covered by rubber tabs that force fit into slots. If you are worried about your Iphone getting damaged, this is your case.

The one disappointment with the Defender is the belt clip. The case ships with a hard plastic belt clip that holds the phone/case combo on your belt. It is not very secure in my opinion. My solution was a leather Nutshell case that is specifically marketed for Iphone users of the Otterbox. This carrying case solution has been my choice for a few months now. It isn't cheap but it really works very well.

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