Monday, February 08, 2010

Mophie Juice Pack Air-Egrips combo

I recently started using the Mophie Juice Pack Air case for my iPhone. This is a combination case and extra battery that effectively doubles the run time of the iPhone. It is a good solution for those of us who regularly run out of power on the road. Egrips makes a number of different styles of grip but I chose the universal fit model since the Juice Pack changes the dimensions of the iPhone a bit.

Some folks have reported that the Mophie can reduce the strength of the signal recieved by the iPhone. I haven't experienced that issue thankfully. My one complaint with the Juice Pack though is that it is very slippery. My solution is to put Egrips on the outside of the case. Egrips are rubber grips that you peel and apply. The result is a much less slippery feel to the Mophie Juice Pack. I feel far less likely to drop the iPhone/Juice Pack combo now. Recommended.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you! I just ordered something that I thought would be a similar solution but its just as slippery. Ordering this now!

6:22 AM  

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