Saturday, August 21, 2010

Aigo N2615 iPhone Battery Case Review

The Aigo N2615 is a case/battery combo along the lines of the Mophie Juice Pack Air. The Aigo does have some significant differences though. First off, the case is quite large. As big as the Mophie is, the Aigo is fully a third thicker. Additionally, the Aigo, unlike the Mophie, has a rubber/silicon wrap built into the the case. The result is a thick, solid feeling and easily grip-able battery case for the iPhone 3g/3gs. The other significant feature about this case is the power it contains. With its 1500mAH battery, the iPhone's run time is more than doubled, perhaps even tripled. If you travel often and are not able to plug in when needed, this capability could be of significant use. The case has some other features of note. It uses a mini-usb cable, not a micro one like the Mophie. The mini usb feels much more robust to me incidentally. Additionally, the case uses one piece construction, essentially a silicon case with a rigid battery built into the back. The back of the case is smooth, hard plastic btw. The edge of the case around the screen is raised by about 1mm. It isn't much but it does prevent the screen from resting on a flat surface when placed screen side down. Lastly, the case comes with a sort of prop rod for watching videos that is attached by suction. I haven't used this so I cannot comment as to how it works yet.

To use the case, charge it via the mini usb port and slide the switch to on as needed. The charging system seems to work like the Mophie. When charging, both case and phone charge at once. Pushing the battery logo/switch on the back causes a blue LED to flash around the switch showing the charge level.

All in all, the Aigo seems to be pretty well thought out. The mute control is a bit tricky to reach but the other controls are accessible through button extensions built into the rubber of the case. You don't need to fiddle with it to change the volume or power it on. The controls work properly. I haven't noticed much of a difference in speaker volume or call quality. If it decreases my signal strength btw, I haven't noticed it either.

I recommend this case if run time is a problem for you. It is pretty bulky for casual use but, especially if you are on the road a lot, it could be a terrific thing to have.


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