Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Aligata iPad case review

First off, yes I finally succumbed and bought an iPad. At $349 for a factory refurbished model directly from the Apple Store, I couldn't resist. It is the iPad 1, not the latest model, but it works beautifully. Very impressive little computer.

This, of course, led to the "What case should I get?" question. After shopping around and seeing a remarkable array of different cases, I stumbled on to Their cases are a tad more expensive than the run of the mill stuff out there at $79.90 but I had a coupon that cut that down a bit. Still, that's a lot less than Vaja & Piel Frama charge for a good leather case. As for the quality of the Aligata case itself, it is marvelous. If you have ever owned or handled a Hartmann bag, that is the kind of leather quality this case has. As the images above hopefully show, this is a very thick and strong saddle leather that should age nicely as time passes. It also completely covers the iPad and the corners are reassuringly strong looking. I am far less worried about damage to my new machine now that it is in this case. (As a personal bonus to me, it is a dead ringer to the portfolio that I used back in my college days, minus the coffee cup stains at least so far. Brings back some very nice memories). Aligata includes a sort of rubber/silicone wafer with their case. Its purpose is to provide some grip to keep the iPad from slipping out of the case. It seems to work well. If, like me, you plan to keep your iPad for a long time and want it well protected, treat yourself to an Aligata case.

Aligata cases are made in Poland and are available in several colors. Definately worth a look. Available from

ps-Aligata's customer service seems to be very good. After I placed my order, I received several e-mails advising me about the status of the order and the shipping date. Rare and appreciated.


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