Sunday, July 31, 2011

Getting the Worksman into the shape I want it :)

I've been having a blast riding around Queens on the Worksman. I removed the fenders since I don't plan to ride in the rain. Cuts the weight down a bit too. I replaced the handlebar stem with a longer one. Now I ride sitting more upright. Very comfortable and the position gives a great view of the road.

I rode down into Ozone Park to check out the Worksman factory (big, creepy looking old factory. Think Hogwarts but for bicycles) I rode Myrtle avenue into Brooklyn, circled through Rego Park, Glendale, Forest Hills, Richmond Hill and back to Kew Gardens. Great fun and good exercise too.

Riding a bike through a big city is an amazing experience. You get to see all the details that you otherwise miss in cars and trains. I've lived in Queens NY pretty much all of my life (I'm 46 btw) and I'm still discovering all sorts of stuff I never saw before on these bike rides. I can't wait to head out again.


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