Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nice day for a ride

Elizabeth and I had a wonderful day in the park. The weather was perfect and we took our bicycles for a nice long ride. She asked me if she could try riding my three speed folding bike. I thought about that for a bit and figured, hey, let's try lowering the seat and see if she could do it. It worked out perfectly. In fact she liked riding a three speed so much that she asked me if she could have it. I figured, you know, I've got my big Worksman cruiser now so I don't really ride the little folder too much...why not.

Elizabeth is very excited about her new bike. Unlike her little kids bike, this one has handbrakes and three speeds. It's a real road bike and she's coming to realize that she can go much faster on this that she could on her old bike.

I'm very happy that she likes to go bicycling. So many kids nowadays just sit around all day doing nothing. It's nice to see her get out and about getting some exercise and enjoying a nice day in the park.


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