Saturday, July 21, 2012

New ride :) Worksman Dutchie

Got this beauty at the factory showroom sale on July 15. The price was heavily discounted which really sweetened the deal for me. My old model, an Urban Assault/M2600, was a terrific bike. It was incredibly tough but, at over 50lbs, very heavy. The Dutchie model, by contrast, is almost 20lbs lighter. That is a very noticeable difference to say the least. The Dutchie is still a very solidly made bike though. Like its industrial big brothers, it has a fully lugged steel frame that should give many years of service. The main differences are the lack of the double top tube and the use of standard 26" x 1.75" tires instead of the thick wheels/tires on the other Worksman models. Like my old bike, this Dutchie has a 3 speed hub (single speed, 2 speed kickback and 7 speed hubs are available too) but this one is a Sturmey Archer instead of the previous Shimano model. For what it's worth btw, the Sturmey Archer hub is a lot louder than the Shimano. Otherwise, performance is similar.

The Dutchie is undeniably easier and more enjoyable for me to ride. I've already done a few 10 mile runs through Queens and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I've had 2 knee surgeries and the lighter weight of the Dutchie is definitely easier on my beat-up legs.

I'm pretty confidant that the Dutchie is going to be my ride for the foreseeable future. It's a solidly made machine that looks and feels terrific on the road. I'm a big fan of classic styled bicycles and the Dutchie with its full fenders, wide seat and cruiser bars doesn't disappoint. (Personally, I'm getting a little tired of the mountain bike look I see all over the place these days.) Between those attributes and the bargain price I got it for, I really am feeling pretty good.


Blogger Tony Hughes said...

Great looking bike! I just ordered one exactly like that yesterday! Thanks for the review.

5:45 AM  
Blogger Ed said...

Nice! Just got home from a grocery run on mine

6:23 AM  

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