Monday, November 26, 2012

Getting the bike the way I want it...

Replaced the curved cruiser bars with a black mountain bike bar. Much easier to control now

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Powerskin HTC Inspire battery case review

I've been an iphone guy for a number of years now. My go-to iphone accessory had always been a Mophie Juice Pack battery case. When a friend gave me an HTC Inspire recently, I decided to see what in the way of auxiliary power was available for it. That is what led me to the Powerskin battery case.

The Powerskin is a silicon wrap-around case that combines protection with an integrated 1500mh battery. Like the Mophie cases, it roughly doubles the thickness of your phone and adds some weight as well. The trade off, and I think its worth it, is double the battery life.

The Powerskin works by attaching to your phone's micro USB port when you put the case on. Once charged, the Powerskin will power the phone with its battery and then let the phone's internal battery take over when the case is depleted. You can stop the case from powering the phone if you like by pressing a button on the back for a few seconds but in practice I see no reason to do this.

There are four lights in the case back that glow when you depress the afore mentioned button. If all of them light up, you have full power.

The Powerskin fits my HTC Inspire very nicely. There are no sags or gaps in the fit. The camera and its flash are unobstructed. The one nuisance in this area is the headphone jack. An iphone style straight headphone plug will fit. A thicker plug will not. The hole is pretty small.

Other than my quibble with the Powerskin headphone jack, this is a very good accessory. It appears to be well made and certainly increases the utility of my Inspire. If you need more power on the road for your droid, the Powerskin is a great choice.

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