Monday, November 20, 2017

Lameeku iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Case

Every so often, a company really hits one out of the park. Price, performance, utility-all right on the money. The iPhone case you see above, the Lameeku wallet case, is just such a product. It fits my 7 Plus perfectly, replaces my wallet and was available on Amazon for under $20 (I think it’s $13.99 as of this writing).

The case itself is a nice, protective TPU case whose cut-outs and switch covers all align properly. There is a 2mm raised lip around the screen to keep things safe from that side too. The leather wallet portion has four good sized card slots that easily slide out when that red tab is pulled. The slots are big enough to hold two cards in each in a pinch. In the photos above, I’ve got five cards and a few bills stowed neatly. There is a stop sewed into the back to keep the wallet tab from separating from the case if you were worried about that. The camera lens is not obstructed and the case is easy to grip. The Lameeku does make your iPhone a bit thicker to be sure. However, when you consider that you can replace your regular wallet, it’s well worth the trade off in my opinion. For a case that didn’t set me back much at all, the Lameeku is a pleasant surprise. Well worth it.


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