Monday, July 08, 2013

Hyperion Samsung S4 Extended Battery & Case Review

Hyperion Samsung Galaxy s4 battery/case review

Let me start off by saying that the Galaxy S4 is the first smartphone that I have owned that didn't desperately need a supplemental battery to get through a day's use.  That being said, when it comes to power, especially when traveling, more is always better. While I'm sure that Mophie will eventually come out with one of their excellent battery cases for the Galaxy S4, right now, there is another very effective solution available.
The photos you see above are my S4 equipped with a 5200mh Hyperion replacement battery. Hyperion includes a thicker case back replacement for the S4 to hold this big new battery.  They also sell a TPU (flexible plastic) overskin case for the newly repowered phone with its larger caseback in place. The result is a neat and relatively compact power boost for the S4.  The new battey and caseback certainly increase the thickness of the otherwise sveltd S4 but the end result is about the overall size of an Otterbox case on your phone.  Its bigger to be sure but not unwieldy.  
In practical use, the new battery seems to provide me with a bit less than double the regular battery.  Call it a 1.75x increase from what I can see.  The TPU overcase provides good access to all controls and ports on the S4. It is no one's idea of a rugged case combo, but for ordinary use, it should provide adeuate protection.  
As for the cost of all of this, I paid $44 and change with the shipping for the battery, new caseback and the TPU outer case.  That's a pretty good deal in my opinion.  If you travel from time to time or you are a power user who regularly hass to reach for the charging cable, Hyperion's solution is for you.  

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

I am amazed at the resolution on the Samsung Galaxy S4's camera

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